One of our biggest joys on the journey of saving disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects is witnessing their successful recovery after surgery!

Hailing from impoverished families in Dong Thap province, Anh Nga and Van Thien were diagnosed with congenital heart defects and required urgent surgery. However, with income that barely made ends meet on a day-to-day basis, it was impossible for the families to afford the surgeries on their own. Adding to Van Thien’s struggle, his mother passed away just 16 days after he was born due to the same heart condition, leaving him with an uncertain future without medical intervention.

But that was all in the past!

Through the support of VinaCapital Foundation’s (VCF) Heartbeat Vietnam (HBVN) program with funds from Vietnam Access America, Anh Nga and Van Thien went through a miraculous journey to heal their little hearts. On a warm summer morning in July, HBVN and Vietnam Access America paid a visit to Anh Nga and Van Thien at Tam Duc Heart Hospital as they were recovering after receiving life-saving surgeries. Meeting with kind-hearted sponsors brought smiles to the faces of these children and their families, with tears of relief and laughter filling the room.

VCF and HBVN would like to send our sincere gratitude to Vietnam Access America for joining hands with us to create a brighter future for these children and their families. Since 2015, the generous donation from Vietnam Access America to VinaCapital Foundation’s Heartbeat Vietnam program has changed the lives of 45 children with congenital heart defects, and we look forward to extending our journey together so that many more little hearts will be saved.

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