On September 15, representatives from Gamuda Land HCMC Joint Stock Company – GAMUDA LAND VN and VinaCapital Foundation handed over both parties’ donations to Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City with a total of US $10,000 – an equivalent of 10 000 masks, 135 000 gloves and 500 kg of Chloramine B.

Not only these medical supplies crucial to the safety of all health workers and patients, but they are also particularly vital to protect and help save the lives of our children with congenital heart defects who are being treated at the hospital. Sharing at the ceremony, Mr. Angus Liew Bing Fooi, Gamuda Land HCMC’s General Director said: “We have donated 2 times to the Children’s Hospital 2 with a total of about $10,000. As much as we can help, we would like to continue to support the community to overcome this pandemic as soon as possible.”

This is the second time that Gamuda Land has supported Children’s Hospital 2 to prevent COVID-19, helping to protect patients and their families against the pandemic. They also donated $5000 in May – an equivalent of 30,000 medical masks, 200 hand sanitizers & 5,000 cloth masks to the patients and health workers at Children’s Hospital 1, Children’s Hospital 2, and University Medical Center HCMC. We would like to sincerely thank Gamuda Land for the extraordinary support over all this time and the VinaCapital Foundation hope we will continue to receive love and support from Gamuda Land in order to save the lives of more children in the future.

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