VYSA CHARITY BOOK (VCB) is a charity book-selling project launched in 2020 by the Vietnam Youth and Students Association in Japan (VYSA). The project is carried out by collecting books from the Vietnamese and international communities in Japan and reselling them in the form of arbitrary donations. All profits from this meaningful activity will be donated to the Heartbeat Vietnam program to provide life-saving heart surgeries to disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Heartbeat Vietnam are very proud and grateful to be able to cooperate with the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Japan and the VYSA Charity Book 2022 fundraising project. We believe that, by using the voice and influence of the Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Japan, the VYSA Charity Book 2022 fundraising project will help raise awareness about congenital heart defects and support from the international community to help children have healthy hearts, go to school, and reach a brighter future.

From May 7, 2022, to the end of January 2023, VYSA Charity Book 2022 offers both online and offline distribution channels with weekly updated books. For all information on how to donate books, and how to buy books online and offline at VYSA Charity Book’s store, please send a message directly to the VYSA Charity Fanpage.

If you have any questions, please contact:
? Fanpage VYSA Charity: https://www.facebook.com/vysacharity
? Email: charitybook@vysajp.org

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