On March 16th, SSIS Idol, an annual charity talent show hosted by Heartbeat Vietnam SSIS club, was a big success. This competition is among various charity activities such as school fairs, cakes selling, and pictures auction… that Saigon South International School (SSIS) has organized since 2009 to support Heartbeat Vietnam. For the past 10 years, 40 children have been saved and 2 pediatric crash carts have been handed over to hospitals thanks to many generations of students of SSIS.

SSIS Idol is an opportunity for students to show off their talents, and also an opportunity to raise money to help save children with congenital heart defects through Heartbeat Vietnam. Among 8 performances including dance, rap, band, and vocal, the young gentleman with a wonderful voice and beautiful soul won the crown and become the Idol this year.

VinaCapital Foundation’s CEO, Mr. Rad Kivette, was very proud of the students and their efforts to organize this traditional event to dedicate their talents to the healthy future of children suffering from congenital heart defects. He called out the name of the Idol with pride and excitement.

Thank you very much to all the dedicated students of Heartbeat Vietnam SSIS Club for all your enthusiasm, love, and care to organize SSIS Idol every year. Your wonderful effort has inspired the youth of Ho Chi Minh city particularly and the millennials in Vietnam generally.

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