The second Brave Little Heart in the series “Stories from The Brave Little Hearts” belongs to Minh An. The boy is fortunate to have a stronger heart thanks to his parents’ persistence every day and night.

Minh An’s father greeted us with a wide grin. He was relieved as he felt the weight lift off his shoulder after the long-waited heart surgery for his youngest child. He was so happy that he could not contain his excitement, “We were very fortunate to meet the charity to financially support his surgery in Ho Chi Minh City.”

It was in the 5th grade when An fainted during science class. His family rushed to the hospital to discover An had Ventricular Septal defect and Aortic Stenosis. These defects caused him to have shortness of breath, dizziness, and heart pain. The doctor notified An’s family about the severity of his condition and that An needed a surgery to live a long normal life.

At that time, the family had little hope of ever seeing An grow up healthy because they did not have enough money to travel to the nearest hospital located in Ho Chi Minh City for An’s examination, not to mention having money to bear the cost of for An’s operation. “Living in poverty in rural Soc Trang, we never dreamed of having enough money to bring An to Saigon for the surgery,” An’s father recalled, “even today, An’s mom is unable to purchase the tickets to come visit him.” In an effort to save An’s life, his mom and dad relentlessly searched for help from friends and relatives. Eventually, after years of never losing faith, the family received generous help from local high school students for An to have the heart operation.

An’s father recalls the last few minutes before the surgery, “An was shaking non-stop, and was terrified. Despite my illness at that time, I did not leave him alone and stayed beside him until he was transferred into the operating room.” It was an inspiration to hear An’s father tell the story of this Brave Little Heart and a father’s devotion regardless of sickness and poverty.

Thanks to the high school students who care, An now has the opportunity to create a life of his own and be that Brave Little Heart every day. We need your help to make the dreams of sick children and loving parents come true.

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Heartbeat Vietnam – Have a heart. Save a heart.

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