Taking advantage of the community’s goodwill, generosity, and kindness, there are individuals and companies currently pretending to be VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and our Heartbeat Vietnam program. They are using the VCF logo and registered name to commit fraudulent acts. As if they were VCF, these individuals urge users to download applications and perform tasks with attractive benefits, tricking them into believing that their financial contributions will generate profits and be used for charitable purposes. Participants are deceived into making illegal transfers into bank accounts that do not belong to VCF or any of VCF’s programs.

To protect our rights at VCF and warn the community, VinaCapital Foundation affirms that all information, including our bank accounts and online fundraising activities, are only announced on the following official channels:

  1. VCF Website
  2. Facebook VinaCapital Foundation
  3. Instagram VinaCapital Foundation
  4. LinkedIn VinaCapital Foundation
  5. TikTok VinaCapital Foundation
  6. Zalo OA VinaCapital Foundation
  7. Facebook Nhịp tim Việt Nam
  8. Instagram Nhịp tim Việt Nam

Apart from these channels, all other associations, groups, applications, and platforms are not under the management of VinaCapital Foundation or the Heartbeat Vietnam program and are illegal.

Upon receiving information about impersonation, VinaCapital Foundation has gathered evidence and will cooperate with relevant authorities to investigate and clarify the situation.

We urge the community to remain vigilant against these dishonest fraudulent tactics. Please share this warning article with acquaintances to prevent them from falling into the traps set by these malicious individuals and companies.

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