ExxonMobil Vietnam and the VinaCapital Foundation’s Survive to Thrive program continue to work together to improve newborn healthcare in Son Tay District, one of the most difficult regions in Quang Ngai Province and the country as a whole.

Thanks to ExxonMobil Vietnam’s sponsorship, on November 15, 2023, VCF handed over 14 essential neonatal care equipment to Son Tay District Health Center, including 02 monitors, 03 compressor nebulizers, 02 intubation kits, 02 pulse oximeters (SPO2), 02 infusion pumps, 01 electrocardiogram machine, 01 doppler fetal monitor and 01 obstetric monitor. These equipment are expected to assist the team at Son Tay District Health Center in improving the care of 50 newborn patients per month.

Every day, the Son Tay District Health Center team tackles a variety of problems in preserving the lives of pregnant women and newborns. In cases requiring referrals, tiny patients and their families must travel 80 kilometers to the provincial hospital in the central city of Quang Ngai. Understanding the huge obstacles that doctors and patients face, ExxonMobil Vietnam sponsored a neonatal care training session for doctors and nurses. This will help cut infant mortality in the region and nearby areas dramatically, restrict dangers to pediatric patients, reduce hospital transfer rates, and relieve the load on higher-level hospitals.

Join us in celebrating Son Tay District Health Center’s significant stride toward a thriving future for the children of Quang Ngai!

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