As October unfolds, it also brings us the wonderful opportunity to offer free congenital heart surgeries to seven underprivileged children, made possible with the support of GeoComply, a longstanding partner of VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam on the journey of improving the lives of Vietnamese children and women.

Ever since their congenital heart defects were discovered, these precious little angels have become familiar with regular hospital visits, dreaming of the day when their hearts will be healed. However, the high cost of surgery poses a significant obstacle for their disadvantaged families. But now, hope has transformed into reality as they are being offered the chance to restore healthy heartbeats, all thanks to the compassionate contributions of kind-hearted donors.

In order to uplift the spirits of the children before their significant surgeries, GeoComply and Heartbeat Vietnam made a heartfelt visit to Minh Khoi, Duc Hieu, and Hoang Duy – three of the seven “heart warriors” currently undergoing treatment at the University Medical Center of HCMC.

During the visit, representatives from GeoComply personally handed a sponsorship amount worth over 194 million VND to the families, with the heartfelt wish that the children will recover soon and have a brighter future.

We are immensely grateful to GeoComply for partnering with VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam to provide life-saving surgeries to underprivileged children with congenital heart defects across Vietnam.

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