On the morning of April 17, 2024, at the office of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ho Chi Minh City, Dr. Josefine Wallat – the German Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, and Mr. Rad Kivette – the CEO of VinaCapital Foundation (VCF), signed the contract to sponsor VCF’s Survive to Thrive program. This marked the third consecutive year that the program received the support of the German Consulate General HCMC in our mission to protect the lives of newborns and premature infants in remote and disadvantaged areas of Vietnam.

The sponsorship package would provide 20 essential neonatal medical devices for the NICU as well as a training course on neonatal emergency resuscitation for local healthcare staff, enabling them to maximize their abilities in treating pediatric patients at Khanh Son District Health Center. Khanh Son, one of the province’s poorest districts, has a hilly terrain and a population where 70% are Raglai ethnic group. Limited knowledge of newborn care among local residents, coupled with a shortage of medical equipment, results in an under-5 mortality rate of over 10 per 1000 births and a referral rate exceeding 80%.

As part of the Survive to Thrive program, this project aims to enhance the capacity of neonatal and preterm care at the Health Center in Khanh Son district, contributing to the overall goals of the healthcare sector in reducing infant mortality rates and minimizing unnecessary referrals to higher-level medical facilities. Upon completion, the project will provide timely and effective treatment opportunities for nearly 2,000 children annually within the district.

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