Thanh Duy is a premature baby born in June 2022 in Ninh Thuan province. As soon as he was found to have pneumonia and congenital heart defects right after birth, his father took him from Ninh Thuan Hospital to Children’s Hospital 2 in Ho Chi Minh City for treatment. After 2 weeks of treatment for pneumonia, Duy was transferred to the HCMC University Medical Center for emergency surgery. Duy was diagnosed with transposition of great arteries, APSI, congestive heart failure, severe pneumonia, and preterm birth. Duy’s total treatment cost was up to 1,009,611,582 VND.

Duy’s father knows about the Heartbeat Vietnam program through the introduction of another family who also has their child being treated at Children’s Hospital 2. He called us with tremulous voice and it took nearly an hour for him to calm down. Duy was born prematurely at 36 weeks and had to leave his mother’s arms since birth. During his treatment time in the hospital, Duy’s father stood by the hospital corridor, he couldn’t sleep or eat well, just waiting for his child to get better.

Duy’s mother fell into depression upon hearing about her child’s condition. The burden was piled up on Duy’s father’s shoulders when he both took care of Duy and Duy’s mother, and two sisters at home. However, the mother’s maternal bond for her children were so great that she overcame depression and quickly regained her spirit to take care of her children.

Duy’s family is certified as a poor household. His grandparents’ circumstance is also very difficult. Recently, Duy’s mother’s health has improved. She also found a job with an income of 100,000 VND/day. His father works as a worker. On rainy days, he stays at home to take care of the children. They appreciate these jobs as long as they have money to raise children.

Thanks to Children’s Health Insurance, funds from Heartbeat Vietnam, and donations from many other sponsors, Duy was supported with free heart surgeries. After 2 surgeries lasting up to ten hours and after two months of emergency resuscitation, the brave little heart Thanh Duy was finally transferred to the common room with his parents. Currently, Duy is still being treated for pneumonia, but his heart condition is stable, he will be re-examined after 3 months. Heartbeat Vietnam is continuing to support Duy’s re-examination costs so that he can soon return to a normal life like other babies.

The journey to save the little heart Thanh Duy also proves the boundless love and ceaseless efforts of all parents and Heartbeat Vietnam to bring Vietnamese children better lives.

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