“Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

“I want to be a singer.”

For young Van Vinh, the 10,000th child supported by Heartbeat Vietnam, this dream went from an unthinkable fantasy to a manifested reality. What made the difference? A fully-funded surgery to repair his heart and uplift his future.

Hailing from the Ba Na ethnic minority group in Binh Dinh province, the 13-year-old boy faced a myriad of challenges throughout his upbringing, with an undiagnosed congenital heart defect being just one among them. Residing in a remote community with limited economic opportunities, his parents, working as manual laborers, grappled to provide for their children. Language barriers, distant educational facilities, and the weight of poverty compounded his uphill battle. Despite these challenges, Vinh persevered. Determined to go to school, he made a 2-hour journey on foot back and forth from his boarding school every two weeks. Living away from his parent’s support at school, the little boy managed both his study and personal care independently. 

In April 2022, Vinh’s health took a significant downturn, compelling his father to transport him to and from school to continue his study. While a congenital heart defect was suspected, his family lacked the resources for a proper diagnosis and long-term treatment. For months, Vinh relied on basic medication to manage his symptoms.

Upon hearing about the free heart examination for disadvantaged children facilitated by VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) in Binh Dinh province in October 2022, Vinh crossed nearly 40 kilometers to reach the mobile clinic’s location with the assistance of his vice principal. It was there that he was diagnosed with an atrial septal defect and secured surgery sponsorship from VCF’s Heartbeat Vietnam program. With the support of many loving hearts, Vinh underwent a successful surgery and recovery at Hoan My Da Nang Hospital.

Since then, Vinh’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. Liberated from the burden of his heart defect, he now pursues his dreams with renewed vigor, aspiring to become a singer, knowing that his heart is strong enough to support his ambitions. During the “You Raise Me Up” performance at the Celebration – Heartbeat Vietnam Saves 10,000 Children, Vinh confidently shone his voice alongside other heart children. After the performance, Vinh, brimming with joy, bravely delivered his earnest thank you note on stage in front of hundreds of audience, moving many people to tears. With his resilient spirit and improved health, Vinh is now actively participating in school activities once again. The best news is that this is only the beginning of his promising future.

With the help of many uniting hearts, including community members, partners, and donors, Vinh was able to receive his life-changing heart surgeries. Through his courageous actions, Van Vinh sings a song of resilience and hope that resonates with the stories of thousands of other children, families, and communities who have received support since the HBVN program’s inception in 2005. 

After the 17-year journey, the efforts made by the HBVN program have transformed the lives of 10,000 children like Vinh. Nevertheless, we understand that this is only the beginning. To facilitate a future where generations of Vietnamese children can lead a life free from health and financial burdens – where every child can grow to their fullest potential – we will need your continued support and collaboration. 

Join hands with us today to save thousands more little hearts in need.

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