On December 10, Ms. Ngo Thanh Van and Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO, Executive Director of The VinaCapital Foundation, visited the first 8 children who will be saved thanks to more than 400,000 USD fund raised from the charity auction Scar Of Life 8 last month.

After just two weeks, Heartbeat Vietnam quickly used the money raised to provide heart surgeries to save the little souls whose hearts are very weak. Meeting the sponsors today, on the occasion of Christmas, the children enjoyed the small gifts very much. Not only does anxiety disappear from the face of their parents, their eyes all glitter with hopes and happiness.

Actress Diem My also joined the visit and felt very moved by the innocence of the children. Only a few days are left until their operations. The children will soon recover to have healthy hearts for the first time in life.

All that good news happen thanks to the generous donation of the sponsors in Scar Of Life 8. For this joy to the last longer, Heartbeat Vietnam hopes to receive more and more support from the community so that each little heart will have the opportunity to have strong and happy beats.

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