Jetts Vietnam Marathon (JVM), a run organized by Jetts Vietnam, aimed to encourage exercise habits and raised funds to provide free heart surgery for disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects. From December 15, 2021, to May 22, 2022, each participant was given 14 days starting from the registration date to run on the treadmills at a Jetts Fitness Club. Every kilometer of the run that was achieved raised 1,000 VND for VinaCapital Foundation’s “Heartbeat Vietnam” program.

After 6 months, the campaign successfully gained 29,570 kilometers from all runners, which accounts for 29,570,000 VND. JVM was also honored to be accompanied by TechFarm with a donation of 28,000,000 VND. This meaningful contribution helped Heartbeat Vietnam deliver timely assistance to 2 little hearts whom we visited in May, bringing hope and a brighter future to their families.

VinaCapital Foundation would like to thank Jetts Fitness Vietnam and Techfarm for their kind hearts and commitment as well as all participants who contributed to this campaign. These achievements would not be possible without your help and trust in VCF. We hope to receive your continuous support to save more lives in the future!

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