On March 21, 2024, VinaCapital Foundation’s Clean Water program in collaboration with Quang Ngai Province Children Protection Fund and the sponsor – Tetra Pak Vietnam, handed over three water filtration systems to three remote kindergartens in Tra Bong District, Quang Ngai Province. The handover ceremony took place at Son Tra 2 Kindergarten.

The project was implemented with funding of 250 million VND from Tetra Pak Vietnam, which came from the “Children’s Clean Water” campaign held on social media from December 19 to December 25, 2023. For each community engagement post in response to the campaign, Tetra Pak contributed 10,000 VND to provide clean water to children in remote areas. The program concluded successfully and impressively, achieving the goal of providing and installing three water filtration systems for disadvantaged children in Tra Bong District, Quang Ngai Province.

The three water filtration systems were installed at Son Tra 1 Kindergarten, Son Tra 2 Kindergarten, and Tra Thuy Kindergarten, where 86% of the students are children of ethnic minorities. The filtered clean water can be directly used from the taps, meeting 24 chemical parameters and 5 microbiological parameters according to the Ministry of Health’s drinking water standards, helping to reduce the risk of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, E. coli infection, and many others. The provision of a reliable and clean water supply allows 615 students and 58 teachers in these schools to engage in their studies and teaching confidently, thereby making a positive impact on the overall educational quality within the local community.

Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Marketing Director of Tetra Pak Vietnam, stated, “Clean water is an extremely valuable resource, an essential element for the healthy development of children and the prosperity of every community. Particularly in remote areas such as Tra Bong district, access to clean water becomes even more critical. Recognizing this importance, Tetra Pak, in close collaboration with VinaCapital Foundation, has decided to sponsor the installation of drinking water filtration systems in several schools here. Tetra Pak’s contribution, in partnership with VinaCapital Foundation, reflects our long-term commitment to ‘Protecting What’s Good’ – not only protecting food and people, but also safeguarding our green planet.”

“Improving the lives of children in remote areas has always been the top priority of VinaCapital Foundation. Through the Clean Water program, we aim to create sustainable changes that help children and communities have a better life, thereby contributing to the local socioeconomic development. We are delighted to receive the trust and partnership of Tetra Pak Vietnam on this mission,” said Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Director of the Clean Water program, VinaCapital Foundation

Tra Bong is one of the 74 poorest districts in the country, according to Decision 353/TTg of the Prime Minister in 2022. It is a mountainous region with harsh weather conditions. Many areas in Tra Bong district face a shortage of surface freshwater, while the groundwater is contaminated with heavy metals, causing significant difficulties in accessing clean water for the local community. Supporting challenging areas like Tra Bong is essential to ensure the provision of clean and hygienic water for the residents.

Since 2017, the Clean Water program has completed the installation and donation of 109 clean drinking water filtration systems and one drilled well, providing daily benefits to over 30,000 people, mostly students and teachers in disadvantaged schools across provinces such as Quang Nam, Dong Thap, Bac Kan, Ninh Thuan, Tra Vinh, Binh Thuan, Yen Bai, Ha Giang, Long An, Dak Lak, Quang Ngai, and Ho Chi Minh City.

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