Nearly 300 people attended the charity run – Jog For The Heart 2019 around Xuan Huong Lake at the center of Da Lat City. The event was organized by VPBank, Da Lat branch with the aim of raising awareness and calling for donation to support heart surgery cost for poor children with congenital heart defects in Lam Dong province.

Jog For The Heart attracted the participation of nearly 300 runners, including many local young people, families, and visitors with running distances of 3km, 5km, and 10km around beautiful Xuan Huong Lake located in the heart of the city. Each individual will contribute 200,000 VND and each family is 500,000 VND to join the run. The event was initiated by a group of friends who happened to meet each other at a conference to improve leadership skills for women in Ho Chi Minh City. Ms. Luong Thi Xuan Thu, Ms. Do Vu Luu Phuong, Ms. Tran Thi Hong Thuy, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Linh Giang were inspired by charitable activities to support the cost of heart surgery for poor children with congenital heart defects of Heartbeat Vietnam. Since then, 4 women have implemented the idea of ​​organizing a run to raise funds for the heart surgeries of Lam Dong’s children right in the center of Da Lat city.

Ms. Luong Thi Xuan Thu, Director of VPBank, Da Lat branch, Head of the organizer, shared: “VPBank Da Lat branch always has the urge to contribute to the community of Lam Dong province, especially the children. With the support and guidance from the departments of Lam Dong province and Da Lat city, VPBank, and Da Lat branch, my team, and Heartbeat Vietnam organized the fundraising event right downtown today. I wish to raise more funds to help cover the cost of heart surgery for children from Lam Dong. Partly, I hope that this activity will help the people of Da Lat in particular and Lam Dong in general have more awareness about congenital heart defects. I hope that, under any circumstances, once discovered with congenital heart defects, a child will soon have surgery to get healthier, to be able to play, run, and go to school like many peers.”

The jog has received support and funding from many donors in the community, such as Da Lat Powerhouse, Thien Ha Event Co., Ltd., Lado Taxi, Hoan My Da Lat Hospital, Pocari Sweat brand, Ca Cao Oi Co., Ltd., “She will be strong” – Social enterprise, P’s Band, V Passion Yoga, and Zumba, Song Phuong Technology Development and Investment Co., Ltd., Fanpage Jeon Jungkook Again – Vietnamese Jungkook’s Fan, Perfect Life Consulting and Development Club, F1 Biotech Co., Ltd. Most of the financial contribution of the runners, estimated at over 87 million VND, will help at least 3 children underwent surgery. These children are found to have defects from the screening program organized by VinaCapital Foundation, Fund For Poor Patients, Disabled and Orphans in Lam Dong province in collaboration with Tim Tam Duc Hospital in May 2019.  These children are among 20 cases of congenital heart defects in Lam Dong Province that need help.

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