On November 29th, Repsol Vietnam co-operated with The VinaCapital Foundation, in the program A Brighter Path to implement the project “Renovate library and encourage reading habits for students” at Tan Nhut 6 Primary School in Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City with the fund of 3,000 USD.

This activity is a part of the annual Repsol Global Volunteer Week, which is dedicated to contributing to local community development programs and spreading the humanitarian values ​​that Repsol always strives for to all the employees in Vietnam.

The handover ceremony of the library’s new equipment and books took place at Tan Nhut 6 Primary School with the presence of the General Director of Repsol Vietnam, Mr. Jesus Chillon, The CEO, Executive Director of The VinaCapital Foundation, Mr. Rad Kivette and representatives from Binh Chanh District Education and Training Office as well as Tan Nhut Primary School’s Board of Management.

Repsol Vietnam and VCF have been working together to provide practical support to Vietnamese students over the past eight years, and understand the importance of reading for the development of thinking and personality of children.

In this particular event, the staff of Repsol Vietnam came to renovate the library of Tan Nhut 6 Primary School and also read new books in English and Vietnamese with the students.

They also painted the surrounding walls of the schools with vivid pictures, fresh content with encouraging thought.

Bookshelves were rearranged to create a wider reading space. Hundreds of books for students were also given to teachers and students at Tan Nhut 6 by Repsol and VCF.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the sponsorship of Repsol Vietnam for this meaningful activity. Hopefully in the future, The VinaCapital Foundation and A Brighter Path will continue to accompany Repsol to bring better study condition to children across the country.

Enjoy the pictures of lovely and happy children of Tan Nhut 6 Primary schools with the company of Repsol Vietnam.

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