On October 27, representatives from Rotary International District 3740 from South Korea and Rotary Club Saigon International had a touching gathering with the lovely children who received sponsorship for their surgeries.  

The beaming expressions on parents’ faces as their children were healed, and the carefree smiles of the little ones who are no longer burdened by heart conditions will become cherished memories for all who were present at the meeting.

The power of healing unfolds when compassionate hearts resonate. With a generous sponsorship of $36,000, Rotary International District 3740 and Rotary Club Saigon International have united with VinaCapital Foundation’s Heartbeat Vietnam program to provide life-saving surgeries and open up a brighter future for 30 underprivileged children with congenital heart defects.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to Rotary International District 3740, and Rotary Club Saigon International for their passions that transcend borders.

We thank the doctors, nurses, and the Social Affairs department at the University Medical Center HCMC for their invaluable contributions towards healing these little hearts and providing them with a better life.

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