RUN FOR THE HEART is an annual charitable running event that raises funds to provide operations for disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects in Vietnam. This event is organized by Gamuda Land Vietnam in collaboration with Heartbeat Vietnam.

Through the wonderful 8-year journey of “Heart to Heart, Raise the Lives,” the program has saved over 1,300 Vietnamese children, with a total fund raised exceeding 35 billion VND. The impressive numbers demonstrate the program’s significant impact in connecting loving hearts within the community.

The 9th season of Run For The Heart 2022 has officially begun, and with the strategic support of the Malaysia Business Chamber Vietnam (MBC), promising a variety of fantastic meaningful activities.

Run For The Heart 2022 is a series of incorporative fundraising programs that combine both online and on-field activities. The campaign is expected to begin in mid-November and conclude with a charitable run day on December 18, 2022, at the “green lung” of West HCMC – Celadon City.

Details of the campaign will be announced on the fanpage of Run for the Heart.
Please follow and stay tuned for the latest official information from the program!
For now, let’s start the very first loving run with the online “running track” of Run For The Heart 2022 HERE.

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