On October 26, 2023, Sanofi-Aventis Vietnam Ltd. (Sanofi Vietnam) and The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) have just completed and handed over 02 water filtration systems to 2 kindergartens in Tra Bong district, Quang Ngai province. Implemented by VCF’s Clean Water program, these systems utilize pure RO (reverse osmosis) water filtration technology, certified to meet the direct drinking water requirements of the Ministry of Health. The two systems have a total value of VND 207 million and are funded by Sanofi Vietnam to support providing safe drinking water for children and improving hygiene conditions in disadvantaged rural areas, thereby protecting and enhancing awareness of the health of the local community.

Tra Bong district is located in the mountainous region, 40km away from the center of Quang Ngai city, with harsh climatic conditions, frequent droughts during the dry season, and floods during the rainy season. Many areas in the district suffer from a shortage of surface freshwater, while groundwater is heavily contaminated with high concentrations of heavy metals. These natural difficulties pose significant challenges in health protection and disease prevention due to contaminated water sources for the people of the Tra Bong district, especially for children.

With funding from Sanofi Vietnam, the VCF’s Clean Water program has been able to install two water filtration systems for the 28/8 preschool and Tra Binh preschool, where 86% of students belong to ethnic minorities.

The program commits to supporting maintenance costs, replacement of filters, and other replacement parts of the system for 2 years, allowing 532 students and 52 teachers to drink clean water directly from the tap and bring it home for use. The water filtered by the system is certified to meet 24 chemical and 5 microbiological criteria according to the Ministry of Health’s direct drinking water standards, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, E. Coli infection, and many other diseases. This helps students and teachers feel more at ease when coming to school, contributing to ensuring the quality of education at the local level.

Mr. Emin Turan, General Director of Sanofi Vietnam, shared: “As a company with a mission to care for community health, Sanofi is proud to collaborate with VCF to implement such impactful projects. We are continuing to plan to carry out more social projects that bring about widespread effectiveness, impacting many people in the more challenging areas in the coming time.”

“Sanofi’s generous donation enables us to bring the vital gift of clean water to communities in need. The significance of our program cannot be overstated; it extends far beyond ensuring a daily supply of safe drinking water for the children and teachers. It is about fortifying health, nurturing education, and empowering lives in regions challenged by unforgiving natural conditions. In addition, I wish to express our profound gratitude to the Department of Health and the Department of Education and Training of Tra Bong District for their collaboration, allowing us not only to deliver clean water but also deliver a healthier, stronger future for every deserving child.” said Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of the VinaCapital Foundation.

Since 2017, the Clean Water program has completed the installation and donation of 101 clean drinking water filtration systems, bringing daily benefits to over 27,100 people, mostly students and teachers in challenging schools in provinces such as Quang Nam, Dong Thap, Bac Kan, Ninh Thuan, Tra Vinh, Binh Thuan, Yen Bai, Ha Giang, Long An, Dak Lak, Quang Ngai, and Ho Chi Minh City.


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