Nine-month-old H’Mong baby, Hang A Sua, was rushed to the hospital due to a high fever and difficulty breathing. A few days earlier, he went from being a lively and active child to feeling exhausted and weak. Instead of seeking medical attention at the local health center, his family attempted to treat him at home based on their own traditional experience. Unfortunately, his condition only worsened over time, prompting the family to embark on a treacherous 33-kilometer mountainous journey to the Phong Tho District Medical Center in Lai Chau province. It was there that doctors diagnosed A Sua with a severe case of pneumonia that put his life in danger.

The doctors immediately intervened to help A Sua reduce his fever, administer antibiotics through an injection pump, and clear his phlegm to help him breathe more easily. Throughout the treatment, A Sua was continuously monitored using a 5-parameter monitor so that doctors could track his breathing rate, heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen saturation, and blood pressure, and respond promptly if any dangerous complications arose. Thanks to the dedication of the medical staff and the support of the medical equipment, A Sua’s health gradually improved. After 6 days of treatment, he was discharged from the hospital in good health. The injection pump and monitor were both part of the medical equipment provided to the Phong Tho District Medical Center by VinaCapital Foundation’s Survive to Thrive program in June 2022.

In far-flung mountainous regions where medical equipment is hard to come by, countless babies may not live to see their first birthday due to insufficient access to prompt medical attention. To preserve the lives of these little children, we are striving to provide essential neonatal care equipment to rural health facilities, which has enabled the treatment of more than 41,000* premature infants and newborns with dangerous post-birth complications. VinaCapital Foundation and the Survive to Thrive program always welcome the community’s assistance in continuing this mission of saving more precious young lives, like that of A Sua.

*Undated until May 2023.

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