On the morning of September 8th, 2022, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Fitness & Lifestyle Group (FLG) Vietnam organized a fun and heart-warming Mid-Autumn Celebration Event with the theme of “Full Moon of Love” for pediatric heart patients at Tam Duc Heart Hospital.

FLG has partnered with VCF’s Heartbeat Vietnam program since 2019 and provided life-saving heart surgery to 28 poor heart children. The donation is contributed by members, customers, and employees through donation boxes located at their gyms nationwide. In addition to supporting surgery costs for disadvantaged pediatric patients with congenital heart defects, on special occasions for children like Christmas every year, FLG also frequently donates to VCF to organize fun events and distribute gifts to children at many hospitals.

This event is sponsored by FLG Vietnam and other donors to organize an entertainment event and distribute gifts to pediatric patients at Tam Duc Heart Hospital. We hope these contributions will create a warm and intimate Mid-Autumn Festival to help the children and their families find joy during treatment and have a speedy recovery.

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