Now, the four little angels Thi Xuan, Xuan Nhien, Minh Anh, and Ngoc Yen can enjoy a healthy and carefree childhood like their peers, thanks to the successful treatment of their congenital heart defects through the timely support of the Heartbeat Vietnam program (HBVN) and Thai Son Nam Trading Company Limited.

Thi Xuan, a little girl born in 2018 in Dong Thap province, carries a beautiful name meaning “spring,” symbolizing her family’s heartfelt desire for her to grow up beautiful and vibrant. Sadly, her congenital heart defect was discovered when she was just two months old, posing a threat to her healthy future. Living with her grandparents in a humble thatched-roof house, far from economic opportunities and specialized medical centers, Xuan’s family struggled to make ends meet. Her grandfather’s meager income from odd jobs barely covered their meals, let alone the surgical expenses needed to heal their beloved granddaughter. Before receiving support from HBVN, they relied on medication from the local medical center to alleviate Xuan’s symptoms of fatigue and difficulty breathing. The family never could have imagined that Thi Xuan would one day be free from her heart defect.

Thanks to the expert medical care and successful surgeries provided at Tam Duc Heart Hospital, Thi Xuan and the three other angels have regained their healthy hearts and bright futures. During a recent hospital visit, representatives from Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd and HBVN showed their care by offering gifts and well wishes to the recovering children.

As of August 2023, the significant contributions from Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd have provided another chance at life for 72 underprivileged children with congenital heart defects. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Thai Son Nam Trading Co., Ltd for their collaboration with HBVN in providing timely life-saving surgeries for these little children!

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