Stories from The Brave Little Hearts is a new initiative that VinaCapital Foundation launching this June.

Each child’s story is about the courage to live and the love for life. These brave children have experienced severe heart surgery to have new hearts. The stories are about the hidden tears of parents who have devoted their lives to the constant battle for their children’s futures. The stories are about dedicated doctors and nurses who are faced with difficulties and challenges every hour of every day to repair broken hearts and create happy families.

One of us at Heartbeat Vietnam hopes that by launching this collection of stories, you will be inspired to support children born with heart defects in your own way. It is a disease that slowly and painfully claims the lives of children in their teenage years. Please share our Stories of Brave Hearts. Make them your stories. Your assistance can make the dream of that brave little heart a reality for thousands of children.

The first Brave Little Heart today belongs to Nha Ca, a six-year-old girl from Dong Thap, Vietnam. Shehad undergone 3 heart surgeries and endured pain that no one could imagine.


The first time we met Ca, she was a joyful little girl who loved meeting new people. Carrying Ca was her mother who told us about the hardships Ca endured as a child, “Since Ca was diagnosed with congenital heart defect at 1 month old, she had to undergo her first surgery at the 22nd week. At that time, she was immutable. Until now, she can only weigh only 7kg!” Today, at the age of six, Ca has bravely undergone three major surgeries.

Her mother still recalls the night before each surgery, “Ca cried all night, and the only way to make her sleep was to put her on my chest. Afterwards, she began to cry again, holding my hand tight throughout the night. As her mother, I could feel her tremendous pain, so much that I wish I could have suffered it for her. The only thing I could do was to remind her not to let go of my hand and let the doctors do their magic. Her condition was very severe and the surgeries were expensive. But I just couldn’t afford it….” Her mother cried as she vividly remembered the challenges they faced. Despite the pain from three major surgeries, it has not stopped Ca from dreaming big. With shining eyes, she told us that she wants to study hard to become a doctor to help cure other children just like her.

Saying good-bye to Nha Ca, we wish that one day, this little girl will realize her dream and become a skillful doctor. With your help, we will help her live out that dream and then one Brave Little Heart will help many Brave Little Hearts.

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