“Leave no child behind” is the slogan of VinaCapital Foundation’s Rural Outreach Clinics program in the past 17 years.

With this slogan, the team of the Rural Outreach Clinics program, along with the doctors from partner hospitals, is always ready to go to the most remote areas to organize mobile clinics and provide free heart examinations for underprivileged children who have limited access to healthcare services, ensuring that they receive at least one cardiac examination in their lifetime.

On this journey, we are honored to have the support of Vietnam Airlines in bringing the medical team and the necessary equipment to rural areas to provide medical examinations for these children.

Since 2023, with donated miles from LotuSmiles members, Vietnam Airlines has supported air tickets for 9 screening trips, helping the programs provide free cardiac examinations to over 73,000 children.

We sincerely thank Vietnam Airlines for their sustainable and meaningful contributions, which help drive forward the mission of the Rural Outreach Clinics program in reaching every corner of Vietnam, ensuring that many underprivileged children have the opportunity to receive timely medical examinations and early detection of congenital heart defects.

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