VinaCapital Foundation is proud to announce our 2021 Annual Report to all of our partners and supporters. In this report, readers will find an in-depth understanding about our programs and their impact in 2021.

With nearly 9,000 heart children assisted during the year, billions of dong in medical training and equipment, the expansion of our ethnic girls’ education program, life-changing clean water solutions, VCF operates in all 63 provinces and impacted the lives of 2,072,323 people in 2021, it was a busy year. The VCF staff worked “double and triple hard” to accomplish these achievements in 2021. The accomplishments were achieved despite the lockdown and other hurdles caused by the pandemic. In fact, we added new Covid-19 program to our portfolio in 2021 along with 2 Covid projects.

Heartbeat Vietnam operated at 88% of the previous year. Our extraordinary achievements include saving the lives cumulatively of over 8,400 children with congenital heart defects, initiating a comprehensive program for Covid-19 orphans, raising more than 1.5 million USD for ventilators and personal protective equipment, and other Covid-related activities, building a cutting-edge digital learning platform for ethnic Girls’ Clubs, and much more as you will see below. All of these results were accomplished under the epic challenges of the pandemic, with the support from our committed partners. Despite the challenges and hardships, we never stop striving to transform communities and build a more resilient Vietnam.

Looking back at an unforgettably historic year like 2021, it is sentimental to reflect on the achievements we have made and the special moments we experienced. The VinaCapital Foundation team hopes all of these remarkable milestones have inspired you to stand with VCF to assist our children and their mothers. Whether engaging in one way or many, you are an indispensable part of our work in creating a stronger nation.
We are incredibly grateful for all of our donors, partners and supporters who have helped us along the way to save children’s lives, spark hope for a brighter future, assist the healthcare system and empower women across the country. Together, we are creating a healthier and stronger generation who will continue the transformation of Vietnamese communities for years to come.
Please take a look at our 2021 Annual Report, enjoy beautiful transformative stories and find out how you can make a difference with us here:

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