VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is proud to have been awarded the Guidestar Platinum Seal in 2023, marking the 5th consecutive year since 2019. This certification underscores the transparency and outstanding credibility that VCF has consistently maintained in its operations over the past 17 years.

The Platinum Seal is the highest level of recognition from Guidestar, the world’s largest platform providing data on non-profit organizations. This honor is the result of VCF’s continuous work to enhance the quality of its reporting, ensuring the highest standards of transparency for a charitable organization, and consistently providing timely information about our programs to relevant authorities, donors, and partners.

With the Platinum Seal, our donors can have complete confidence in the effectiveness of VCF’s nationwide initiatives, which help provide better healthcare, increased access to educational opportunities, and development opportunities for women and children in remote rural areas of Vietnam. Our efforts are always aimed at contributing to the prosperity of Vietnam, and we hope that our donors will continue to join us on upcoming journeys and projects.

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