On August 24, at the City Children’s Hospital, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF), the Heartbeat Vietnam team and VUS with Ms. Vu Phuong – Marketing Director, and her Communications team visited 4 babies who are recovering from heart surgery with hands full of gifts!

These 4 children are among the 18 children who benefit from the support of VUS. Indeed, last June, VUS organized an event: the Amazing Running Day – a special sports event with the message of “Happy Miles, Stronger Heart”, for parents & SuperKids students (aged from 6 to 11 years old) which raised 500,000,000 VND for the Heartbeat Vietnam program to cover the surgical costs of 18 underprivileged children with heart disease.

Among these 4 children, the story of Linh Nhi, a 2 years old little girl who comes from Soc Trang province and is of an ethnic minority group called “Khmer”. She suffered from a congenital heart defect called “ventricular septal defect” and she underwent “Endoscopic Surgery”. This minimally invasive technique is also called the “operation through the armpit” because it is performed through incisions made under the breast and minimizes the aesthetic concerns of the patient.

VCF and HBVN would like to express our thanks to VUS for helping all these babies.
Please continue to accompany and support VCF in our different programs
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