To provide hope for a brighter future and a break from the poverty cycle for ethnic minority girls in Vietnam, VinaCapital Foundation, in partnership with Vu A Dinh, a local Vietnamese scholarship organization, created A Brighter Path: Scholarships, Mentoring, and Annual Empowerment Workshops for Ethnic Minority Girls.

Since 2010, “A Brighter Path – Phase I” has mentored and supported 50 disadvantaged ethnic minority girls with a unique 7 year scholarship (3 years of high school and 4 years of university). After 7 years of implementation, the first phase has ended with very positive results: 92% of the girls made it to university, 89% have graduated and 52% have a job. The remaining girls will graduate in law, medicine and other fields in 2017 and 2018.

Phase II of the program will also provide scholarships for 50 girls from 23 ethnic minorities in 36 provinces nationwide.
Every year, VCF will bring all the girls together for the annual Dream Meeting to engage them in workshops relevant to their personal and academic growth including career planning, good study habits, building self-confidence, financial literacy and health and nutrition.

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