On February 28, 2020, Phil Jordan’s family and the VinaCapital Foundation announced the donation of 10,605 USD in neonatal care equipment for Van Yen Commune Health Center. The neonatal equipment donation includes a CPAP machine, phototherapy, SPO2, and intubation devices which will increase the center’s medical capacity, allowing the lives of more babies to be saved.

The handover ceremony of the medical equipment took place solemnly on the morning of February 28, 2020, with the participation of Mr. Le Minh Duc, Vice Chairman of the Van Yen Commune People’s Committee, leaders of Van Yen Commune People’s Committee, leaders of Van Yen Commune Health Center, Mr. Phil Jordan, and Mr. Rad Kivette, representative of VinaCapital Foundation.

At the ceremony, Mr. Phil Jordan and the VinaCapital Foundation announced sponsorship of medical equipment, including a CPAP machine, phototherapy, SPO2, and intubation devices. Medical equipment is essential for the neonatal unit of Van Yen Commune Health Center, where it is difficult to provide emergency care, treatment, and care for children, especially for infants and newborns.

The medical equipment will contribute to improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, meeting the health care needs of the people in the commune. It is estimated that the devices will help cure 4 babies per week, equivalent to 208 children per year.

The sponsor of medical equipment is Mr. Phil Jordan, Australian nationality, who has lived and worked in Vietnam for many years. The father of two lovely daughters, Phil Jordan is always eager to support activities that improve the comprehensive and healthy development of Vietnamese children. Knowing that the VinaCapital Foundation’s Survive to Thrive is a program that helps reduce the mortality of premature babies in Vietnam, Phil decided to support the program by raising money online. In September 2019, Phil participated in a challenge that he had never done before, running 42km at Vietnam’s Mountain Marathon in Sapa. During the preparation time for the run, Phil and his family called for support on the GoFundMe website. His campaign successfully raised US $10,605 (approximately VND 250,000,000) to help provide a district hospital in Vietnam with neonatal care equipment.

Mr. Phil Jordan shared: “I’ve been really humbled by everyone’s support and generosity for this amazing cause. I would like to thank everyone who donated and of course to Vinacapital foundation for all their hard work in this, and the many other fields of care they are working in. With everything going on in the world right now it’s easy to lose focus on the things that truly matter and take for granted just how lucky we really are. I look forward to more work in the future with the foundation to continue to do my little part and hope it may inspire others too. ”

Survive to Thrive helps to improve pediatric healthcare across Vietnam through training doctors, donating essential neonatal care equipment, and training doctors to be able to teach other healthcare professionals. Through these initiatives Survive To Thrive aims to reduce the neonatal mortality rate by 1% across the whole of Vietnam by providing aid to healthcare centers to care for infants when they need it most. The program’s priorities are district and provincial health centers in remote areas, where people are still facing difficulties in healthcare.

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