Being the first to walk on stage to receive a scholarship for distinguished ethnic minority students in Dak Lak, H’On Mlo easily stood out with her uniqueness. Little did it take Rad, VCF’s CEO, and H’Hen Nie, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 to notice her unusual limb when they handed the little Ede girl the scholarship certificate.
H’On Mlo was born with clubfoot – a common congenital birth defect that causes one or both feet to turn inward and upward. For the last 13 years, H’On has learned how to walk on the side of her left foot and to make friends with the pain every step causes her in her foot, ankle, and leg. She also got acquainted with being humiliated by other children because of her disability. Her poor family believed her deformity could not be fixed. Even if they could fix it, they would be unable to afford the cost of the treatment for H’On’s clubfoot. Her dad, the breadwinner of a family of six, doesn’t have a job and income is unstable.
After Rad and H’Hen left the event, their hearts were heavy with the view of a bright girl having difficulty walking for the rest of her life, hence, many of her dreams would be unfulfilled. Much discussion has been made and our team embarked on a journey to “Help H’On Mlo walk proudly with her peers”. We brought the little girl from Dak Lak to HCMC for her first-time ever thorough check-up. The doctor said H’On Mlo would end up having a lifetime disability if she didn’t get treatment soon enough. The estimated cost for her treatment (casting, orthopedic surgery, post-surgery care, physical therapy, and follow-up cost) is up to 150,000,000 VND (equivalent to $6,500). With the family’s financial status right now, how could her parents have enough money to get her foot treated?
H’On childhood has been stolen from her because of this club foot defect. To open a new chapter for her life, VCF and H’Hen Nie called for the community’s love, support, and most importantly, donations for H’On treatment so she can live her life to the fullest potential and shine brightly with her excellence.
Only after 3 weeks of calling for donation, The VinaCapital Foundation is incredibly proud to announce that we successfully raised $8,185 for our clubfoot girl H’On Mlo. The campaign started out with the original goal of raising $6,500, and the amount of love and support we have received has exceeded all of our expectations. With the support of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie and many kind hearts, the amount raised is sufficient to cover all of H’On’s treatment fees (including casting, orthopedic surgery, post-surgery care, physical therapy, and follow-up cost). She is now having her clubfoot cast and our team is following up closely for her future appointments. Your contributions have already changed her life and will continue to transform her into a much brighter life ahead. Please follow for frequent update on H’On’s journey on our Facebook.

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