This year, Walmart’s $5,600 donation helped provide life-saving heart surgeries to 03 children and organize a Walmart’s Volunteer Day at Tam Duc Heart Hospital. Representatives of Walmart came to spend time with these 03 children at the hospital today. To raise the spirits of the children at Tam Duc Hospital, Walmart volunteers organized a pretend supermarket for the children to play in.

The best part of the morning for Walmart volunteers was witnessing the 03 children who recently had surgery enjoying games and the freedom of childhood. No words can describe this wonderful emotion. All the children in the department came to the playground to participate in the games. The volunteers instructed the children to take the roles of cashiers, shoppers, and helpers in the supermarkets.

The children enjoyed the role play so much that they almost forgot about their diseases, pain, and anxiety. The children also had the chance to participate in a scavenger hunt for supermarket food or bingo to identify the items in the store.


Besides the role play, Walmart also restocked the department’s bookshelf with dozens of new fairy tale, science, and coloring books for the children to read and play with. Walmart also prepared 100 gifts and gave them to all of the children in the Children’s Heart Department.



These are among the many efforts of Walmart to help alleviate the anxiety of both children and parents in the hospital. Every volunteer from the company enjoyed playing with the children so much that they did not want to leave at the end of the event. Their love and care towards the children were a beautiful sight to see.

Thank you, Walmart for being such a generous and creative donor. Your effort in bringing fun activities to the children is invaluable. Your thoughtful planning motivates Heartbeat Vietnam to continue our work with more passion and care. Once again, we are honored to receive your donation and we hope to have you as our long-term partner, sponsor, and donor for the years to come.

See more lovely and meaningful moments of Care Committee – Walmart’s Volunteer Day at Tam Duc Heart Hospital:

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