On 27 and 28 March, the VinaCapital Foundation visited Tra Nam and Tra Tap Commune, Nam Tra My District, Quang Nam province to organize mobile outreach clinics for the people there after last year’s historical disaster. 1,707 children and adults received health assessments with free medicines, 926 of which were children and 781 were adults. We also found 9 children with CHD that received immediate support from the Heartbeat Vietnam team. The clinics were supported by the volunteer medical team from Hoan My Da Nang Hospital and funding from Roche Vietnam.

Since October 2020, VCF’s Our Hearts to Central Vietnam Campaign, organized to call for donations to support thousands of people in the affected regions, has successfully raised over 4,8 billion VND (an equivalent of 209,000 USD). The campaign’s first stage started in October 2020 and provided 12,000 people with emergency relief packages of basic food and necessities to ensure survivors’ short-term health until more sustainable assistance arrived.

The second and current stage focuses on rebuilding medical infrastructure and providing mobile healthcare clinics in Nam Tra My district at Tra Leng, Tra Van, Tra Nam, and Tra Tap communes. In addition, the provision of a standard kit of medical equipment, water filtration systems, mobile clinics, and training for local health workers will be delivered to all 11 medical facilities in the district.

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