Continuing the success of previous years, the Scar of Life will be held for the 8th time on November 29, 2018, at the French Consul General’s Residence and Garden to raise awareness and funding for disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects (CHD). In the press conference today at Novotel hotel, Ms. Ngo Thanh Van, Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador and Scar of Life initiator, together with The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) introduce “The Lucky Clover” as Scar of Life 8’s main theme, in hope that more children with CHD will receive the “lucky fourth leaf”, the live-saving surgery they need to have a healthy and bright future.

Introduced in 2010, Scar of Life is the idea of Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador Ngo Thanh Van and the joint effort between her Vietnam Artist Agency and the VCF. The campaign’s spirit is when children receive heart surgeries, the scars on their chests mean transformations. A sick, suffering child transforms into an energetic bright child, curious, full of life, and able to return to school and become a productive member of society. Year by year, Scar of Life has inspired thousands of people, from business executives to community leaders and artists; all have taken part in this magical journey to give the second chance in life to disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects. Since 2010, Scar of Life events have raised funds to save the lives of 1,520 children, and since 2007 Heartbeat Vietnam has saved the lives of 6,750 children from 63 provinces.

This year, with the French Consulate General’s incredible support, Scar of Life 8 expects over 300 distinguished guests who will help to give the Fourth Lucky Leaf to children suffering from unlucky congenital heart defects. The dinner event will premier actor Jun Pham’s directorial debut which is the short movie “Four-Leaf Clover” produced exclusively to help Scar of Life spread the message of “Give Luck, Gain Love”.

The film crew of “Four-leave Clover” short film

The guests will bid for 47 silent auctions items or take part in the event’s highlight when the 10 most valuable items will be live auctioned on stage, made possible by generous donations of Longines, Mia Resort Nha Trang, Six Senses Resort Ninh Van Bay, John Richards, Austin Home, Perfetto, Italian Point, Ben Thanh Art & Fame and art collector Lan Lưu.[1] This year, the signature item is the “Pure Lotus Heart” liuli crystal statue in the private collection of its creator who is the pioneering artist Loretta Hui-san Yang. Ms. Ngo Thanh Van was granted Ms. Yang’s endorsement and blessing to feature the statue at Scar of Life 8.

The sponsors of Scar of Life 8 on the stage

“With Scars of Life 8, I aspire to call for more philanthropists to join hands in giving the “Lucky Four-Leaf Clover” to help heal little children’s hearts.” said Ms. Ngo Thanh Van, “It also speaks the commitment from Heartbeat Vietnam and myself to stand side by side with parents whose beloved sons and daughter are suffering from the painful heart diseases. I believe if we hold on to our hope and faith, our passion and collective efforts will make miracles.”

Ms. Ngo Thanh Van, Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador and Scar of Life initiator shares her emotions and thoughts about the event

“VCF’s mission is to empower the children and the youth of Vietnam by providing opportunities for growth through health and education projects, focusing on underdeveloped rural areas across the country”, said Mr. Don Lam, Chairman of The VinaCapital Foundation, “VCF persistently supports children with congenital heart defects because if we cannot save them in time, many children can die needlessly before they can become a productive member of society. More important than that, when children recover, their parents can focus on finding jobs, earning more money for the family, and eventually escaping poverty. I hope that in the long term, it will help provinces to save social budgets to invest in critical socio-economic development.

Mr. Don Lam, Chairman of The VinaCapital Foundation shares his thoughts about the event

I also want to express my deep appreciation to Ms. Ngo Thanh Van, Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador and the initiator of Scar of Life. It is her passion for the children, her talent, and her creativeness in the Scar of Life events that inspire us all and thousands of donors, many of whom have supported Scar of Life for years. The VCF is grateful for every and all support to Scar of Life and Heartbeat Vietnam from passionate individuals, businesses, and organizations. I believe all of us, together, will make that day come true when no more children of Vietnam would die from congenital heart defects.”

[1] Sponsors of live auction items. All numbers are as of November 15, 2018.

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