Over the past 5 months, 27 children have been receiving and will receive support for congenital heart surgery, re-examination costs, and scholarships for healthy hearts and a bright future. Thousands of gold coins, millions of footsteps, as well as the love of MoMo users, have brought these miraculous gifts to the little and brave warriors.

Van Tay, a cute Tay ethnic boy, was one of the first children to be raised money for heart surgery with MoMo. Visiting him again after his surgery, we were so moved by his wonderful transformation from a thin, fragile, sickening child into a much healthier and glowing boy recovering after his heart surgery. Tay still needed to go to the hospital for follow-ups and regular monitoring in the future, but he could not hide his shining smile when Heartbeat Vietnam visited him. When returning home in Dak Lak, Van Tay will be able to go to school regularly and have fun with his peers.

Van Tay and his mom in their first follow-up after his heart surgery

The brave warrior Le Thi Truc wrote a beautiful story with her courage, innocence, and her bright smile. Diagnosed with congenital heart defects when she was 4 months old at the district hospital, Truc then underwent two operations at 5 and 8 months of age. All the surgery and travel expenses were supported by the generosity of the benevolent because her family financial situation could not afford such enormous costs. Currently, her mother and Truc are staying at the house of their great-grandmother. Truc’s mother has to take care of her daughter on her own. Recently, the 5-year-old girl underwent a third operation thanks to contributions from the community through the MoMo Wallet.

Truc and his mom receiving gifts during a visit after her successful heart surgery

They are two of many children with congenital heart defects that Heartbeat Vietnam is calling for help. Witnessing them recover and have their hearts become healthier is the motivation for VCF and MoMo wallet to continue this lifesaving journey for a bright future for Vietnamese children. Although Heo Dat MoMo is virtual, the gifts of life are real.

Let’s start Heo Dat MoMo with MoMo and VCF to raise funds to help more difficult situations and spread the spirit to the community through the following steps:

Step 1: If you do not already have the MoMo app on your phone, download it via the App Store or Google Play

Step 2: Open the MoMo application and enter your personal information.

Step 3: In the main screen, select “Heo Dat MoMo”

The way to donate MoMo is simple and completely free, just by “fattening” your Pig. Through daily tasks like walking every day to exercise, answering questions as a way to take the Pig to school, sharing good jobs with friends, or paying for services on MoMo … you have earned more to get food for pigs. After having food, you can feed the Pig to give birth to the Golden Pig, and use the Golden Pig to donate.

Step 4: Once you have the Golden Pig, select the “Donate” button and select the case to donate.

Step 5: Donate the Golden Pig to help support the cost of heart surgery for the children.

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