Since the Heo Dat MoMo function came into life, MoMo has created an unprecedented practice in Vietnam. Through the digital wallet, more than 15 million users can easily donate with only a small amount as much as 1,000 VND. Only after 8 months since July 2019, MoMo has supported children with congenital heart defects to receive life-changing surgeries. So far, 18 children have benefitted from their donations and this number is set to rise to 27 as more money is raised through MoMo’s app.

Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO, Executive director of VinaCapital Foundation with Mr. Truong, Director of Social Payment at MoMo, and other members of VCF and MoMo

On the 21st of February 2020, MoMo representatives and VinaCapital Foundation visited 4 children with congenital heart defects at Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, Can Tho. The children at the hospital were either waiting for or recovering from their heart surgeries. MoMo gave the children gifts, putting a smile back on their faces.

MoMo representative talking to Tieu Vy’s family. Tieu Vy is 6 years old and is coming back to the hospital for her postoperative checkup. She is doing well after heart surgery.

Tieu Vy caressing her brother in their mom’s lap

These children are just a few of the thousands of children that Heartbeat Vietnam has been able to help since the program started in 2006. VCF’s partnership with MoMo allows the Heartbeat Vietnam program to fund heart surgeries for the thousands of children that are diagnosed with congenital heart defects. These surgeries allow the families of sick children to improve their financial status without the burden of illness.

Vo Quoc Trung, 4 years old, is waiting for his heart surgery. The boy is very cheerful and enjoys playing with his new toys.

Rad Kivette, VinaCapital Foundation’s CEO and Executive director, shared his delight and pride to accompany MoMo to touch the kind hearts of more than 15 million users of this digital wallet. He expressed his hope for 2020 that with this partnership, VinaCapital Foundation and MoMo will continue to encourage more people to engage in community activities as well as to raise the awareness and knowledge of people in terms of personal and community healthcare.

Chau Quoc Trung, 1-year-old, is one of the triplets. He was unfortunate to be born with congenital heart defects. Thanks to the donation from Heo Dat MoMo, he will be having life-saving heart surgery soon.

Lieu Thanh, 8 years old, just had her heart surgery the day before the visit. Her mom is taking care of her.

MoMo’s app allows donations to be made to The VinaCapital Foundation. By using the digital wallet, walking, and answering questions as a way to take the Pig to school, share good jobs with friends, or pay for services on MoMo, you can feed the pig, allowing the pig to give birth to the golden pig. This pig can then be donated to VCF. This is completely free for users and is a great incentive to use the app. MoMo also created a QR code for VinaCapital Foundation and donors can scan the QR code to donate to Heartbeat Vietnam. The code is printed on donation boxes placed in all FLG locations. This 2020, join MoMo and VinaCapital Foundation to continue having better health and bringing joy to more defective young hearts.

The children and their mothers, MoMo representatives, and Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation

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