Like many other children who have overcome congenital heart defects, Kha Han carries a scar that symbolizes hope for a better life now that her heart has been healed!

Before the surgery, little Kha Han often had a bluish appearance and struggled to breathe due to her complex congenital heart defect. She required monthly check-ups, but despite her family’s efforts, her health continued to worsen. To save her tiny heart, the doctors determined that Kha Han needed urgent surgery. However, the cost of the operation was a huge burden as her mother’s income was only around 200 USD per month.

The miracle of healing occurred for Kha Han when her family was introduced to apply for surgical sponsorship from the Heartbeat Vietnam program. With funding from Sony Electronics Vietnam, Kha Han underwent a successful surgery in early January 2024.

Kha Han is one of three underprivileged children with congenital heart defects who were saved through a generous contribution of 100 million VND to the Heartbeat Vietnam program, made possible by the charitable running event “SEV Runs For The Heart” organized by Sony Electronics Vietnam. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sony Electronics Vietnam, as well as to all the compassionate individuals, partners, and dedicated team of doctors who have tirelessly supported these children, ensuring timely treatment and enabling them to live healthier lives.

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